Monday, 18 February 2008

Climate Change - A 'legless' theory exposed


The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) case has a 'Theoretical' science model for global warming which proposes it's man-made and as a result of industrialisation and man-made CO2 emissions. The IPCC case is almost entirely predictive using computer simulated climate models that 'estimate’ global temperature to rise by up to 6C by 2050.

The IPCC have used some Observational science including the famous Michael Mann study of temperature aligned with growth rings in trees with his infamous ‘Hockey Stick’ temperature chart that shows a steep rise in Earths temperatures since mans industrialization after 1945 and WWII. The IPCC has also shown a CO2 chart made famous in Al Gores “An Inconvenient Truth” film that shows CO2 proceeds previous global warming events.

The IPCC also suggests sea levels will rise as a result of this warming and extreme weather (high rain falls, hurricanes, tornados etc) are real signs of this happening now.

In short mans CO2 emissions (cause) is producing global warming (effect).

The Observational science case is based on both historical facts and present recordings of Earths climate. The statistical analysis of Earths rock and ice demonstrates CO2 levels and temperature levels rise and fall as a normal natural cycle over millenia.

The Observational science however breaks the back of the IPCC’s infamous Hockey Stick temperature chart as it shows temperatures have risen gently since Europes last mini-ice age and then rose steeply from 1905 and peeked in 1940. Since temperatures peeked in 1940 they've remained very steady since which leaves in tatters the IPCC's theory it began in 1945 with mans industrialization and has got steeply worse since.

The IPCC temperature claims showing very steep recent rises were also fatally flawed as they were based on land based measurements (urban growth around Temp' gauges have warmed the sites) whilst an innovative new level of measurement, using the correlation of data from both space satelites and weather baloons, has shown Earths temperatures have hardly changed in the last 30yrs.

Further studies in the Maldives (islands the IPCC say are severely threatened by sea level rises) have shown sea levels dropped 20-30cm in the last 30yrs (starting in 1975) which also directly contradicts the IPCC's projections and claims about current rising tempretures.

Observational science also debunks the IPCC claims about CO2 being the cause of warming. All ice-core records show CO2 follows previous global warmings. The lag in time between previous warmings and CO2 rising is 400 to 1,400 year after temperature rises. Namely warming (cause) creates higher CO2 levels (effect) long after peak Earth temperatures. Conclusive evidence CO2 does not cause global warming.

Good sources of research material here;

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