Sunday, 17 February 2008

A Solution to Traffic Lights

BBC Newsnight on 14 Jan '08 broadcast a programme by Martin Cassini that proposed 'binning the lights' and replacing them with a filter-in-turn system that returns freedom, responsibility and most importantly continuous movement and flow to the road network in place of innane traffic lights that stop, clog and are fundamentally stupid (inflexible and demand ignorant) robots controlling our movement.

If you missed the article here's Martin Cassinis' article on YouTube.. so refreshing

If you'd like to join the BBC Newsnight debate get 'stuck' in here. The pro-tear-down-the-stupid-lollipop-boxes are outnumbering the greenies 4 to 1 on posts (nice to know so many of us out there:).. and BBC have re-posted the thread on Newsnights front page because the topics been so popular

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