Sunday, 17 February 2008

Man-Made Congestion - Traffic Lights

No natural biological or man-made system stops flow (exception of resevoirs/storage). Human and animals blood and digestion systems, our brains, computers or world wide web 'stops' content from moving. If it did it would clog, grind to a halt and in many cases collapse completely.

You'd think it would be common sense, that slowing or stopping traffic CAUSES congestion but not to the safety-dorks that (mis) manage our road system who don't understand at any level what they're doing.

JJ Leeming, a UK traffic engineering and accident investigation expert said he spent years speeding up traffic to improve road safety with much success. A stark contrast to the current failing road policies that slow, clog and congest costing ther UK an est. £20Bn pr.annum in waisted time.

Road-Rage to my mind isn't a symptom of social demise. It's a very simple build up of frustration day after day after day in motorists that feel they're not getting A to B efficiently. It's frustration at lost time and the feeling the system is ignorant and working against you. We take it out on other motorists but we should be walking into the Dept of Transport and demanding their resignations for incompetance.

My view may appear 'radical' but it's formed over years of frustration at traffic management systems that create delay an unneccessary frustration. I don't blame motorists as we all want to get from A to B efficiently (some slower than others) but we all share the same values.

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