Sunday, 17 February 2008

Climate Change Con - The truth is there.

Iraq/WMD should have taught democracy a stark lesson about truth. Instead the politicians 'got away with it" and the situation is getting worse.

The Govt and media messages on climate change follow the same pattern as Iraq/WMD. They're a bit hysterical, the hard facts/science are missing, the thesis not quite believeable, too many plastic press conferences, generalised meaningless sentances, scare-tactics, sound-bites, language loaded with spin rather than underscored with truth!

Climate change is a natural process that has been going on for 4.5 billion years. Data from ice cores and ocean sediments for example suggest 11,650 years ago the climate in Greenland switched from ice-age conditions to current relatively warm conditions (a warming of 5 to 10 degrees Celsius on average) in only 40 years.

Climate change is normal, abrupt climate change is normal. Earth's climate involves a non-linear coupled chaotic ocean-atmosphere system. And the sun is the main driver of the entire system and its warming or cooling. It cannot be micro-managed by politicians via taxation.

But Government under a 'cloak of greenary' is simply massively increasing taxation on cars, petrol, airlines, electricity and rubbish collection on a gullible public.. are we gullible? ... tax on household heating fuel is 5% while the tax on petrol is 300% yet buildings emit twice as much CO2 as transport. Does that add up in the green column to you?

Overall mankind is responsible for 3.4% of total annually cycled CO2 (according to the IPCC). CO2 is a natural life gas essential to plants. It is neither a pollutant nor a 'greenhouse gas'. Cars are responsible for only 0.01% of emissions. So taxing cars so heavily makes not 1 iota of difference to worldwide CO2 levels. A tax with no substance!

Al Gore (that's the $30,000 a year on household electricity Al Gore) says the 'debate is over'. It's settled. That's the desperate argument of a man/movement with little substance and fears peer review and honest criticism. 19,000 American scientists signed a petition against global warming theory and the US Govt signing up to Kyoto as they regarded the 'science' dodgy and the actions as highly dangerous, both economically and possibly even to plant life itself.

Climate Change is an appallingly handled issue once again by our democracies and smacks of the hysterical over-reaction we endured over Iraq/WMD.

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