Sunday, 17 February 2008

Climate Spin reaches Sussex

I came across a little article online which highlights perfectly the insiduous creep of climate spin and propoganda (ie. nonsense) spreading through the UK.

Peter Midgely, manager for Kent & Sussex's Enviroment Agency claims "The storm which knocked down the oaks of Sevenoaks 20yrs ago, was I am sure, at least in part down to climate change".

The Agency had conducted "an extensive year-long study" in 2007 including "no Otters had been found in Kent's rivers" Mr Midgely predicted "temperatures would increase in the area by an average of 4 degrees over the next 50 years.."

I'm stunned at Mr Midgely being the first man to have established climate change as a fact rather than fictional thesis and that the facts have been under international scientists noses for 20yrs!! Mr Midgely has the data proving climate change and it knocked down trees in Sevenoaks!

I’ve written to the newspaper asking if Mr Midgley could publish the facts on the Enviroment Agency's website. Not heard anything back in 4 weeks.

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